Bio-Shine Seminar/Expo

Location: TBD
Date: Fall 2021

Come and enjoy CEU credited trainings now including COVID/Infectious Disease training, Green Cleaning, and more. Touch, feel and be a part of equipment demonstrations. Walk the floor and ask questions about products on display. Win prizes and more.


CE-00022 Global Harmonization System (GHS) Training – The United States has adopted a new labeling system for chemicals called GHS. This information is essential to compliance with OSHA regulations. Learn about new SDS forms, Pictograms, and Labeling Standards. This class carries 1 CEU Credit and is 1 hour long.

CE-00237 Greening the Workplace Environment – Learn innovative ways and reasonings behind going green. So many different products on the market now containing safer ingredients and making a healthier place to work and live. This class carries 1 CEU Credit and is 1 hour long.

CE-00238 Preventive Equipment Maintenance – Your equipment is the single most expensive item at your facility used for cleaning, so why not take care of it? Learn basic maintenance, dos and don’ts, to taking care of your equipment to keep it in peak performance. This class carries 1 CEU Credit and is 1 hour long.

CE-00314 Covid Infectious Disease Control – New germs can pop up at any time, disrupting your normal flow of work. Learn how to prevent and fight back against infectious disease, so the next time a new germ pops up, you are prepared to fight back. This class carries 1 CEU Credit and is 1 hour long.


Diamond Honing – Terrazzo and stone floors can be polished and never need to use waxing and stripping again! Learn how to polish your floors for a Greener, safer floor care option.

Floor Care – Learn proper techniques and innovative ways to stripping and waxing floors like: deep scrubbing vs full strip, using microfiber for laying wax vs traditional mops, and more.

Carpet Care – Did you know there is an innovative way to clean carpets without directly spraying water to soak it? Learn different ways to care for your carpets and the best type of products to use when cleaning.

Restroom Care – Wouldn’t it be nice to NEVER touch a toilet again! You can when you learn about proper restroom care.